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A1 Flagpoles & Display Stands Manufacturer


F.A.Q.   2008/7/23

We are glad to provide samples for your customers' evaluation.

Production Time
We have stable stock all year around, small quantity order can be shipped immediately. Normal production time is 2 to 3 weeks. Large quantities or complex products may require a longer lead-time.

Trademarks & Licensing
Artwork or other materials submitted by you or your client for our use in producing an order will be accepted as being in full compliance with all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, patents, licenses, and other similar types of protection. You and your client agree that, by submitting artwork for our use, these laws will not be violated and this company shall not be held responsible for compliance with such laws.

Freight Charges
Shipments are FOB unless specifically quoted otherwise. If costumers wishes transportation incl., freight charges will be added to the invoice. Any freight quotation provided prior to shipment is an estimate only.


Address:           North Shore Hongzi River, Zhongcun Community,Chengyang Dist, Qingdao City, China. 266009
Tel:   0086 532 8786 3616
Email: info@a1flag.com
Web: www.a1flag.com